Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Mountain

The mountain called me back to her
Speaking to me in her silent language
Guiding me to her
I was there
Not knowing how I had arrived
Only knowing that days before I had longed to see her
Longed to feel her waters rush over me

When I realized where I was
I cried
Because time twisted itself around me
Wrapped itself
Turning tomorrow into yesterday
And with the gentle breeze on my face
It touched that part of me that had been hidden,
In becoming full with the wind
I recognized the absence that I had forgotten

It was the mountain again,
That day,
Saying “remember”
I cried
Driving slowly down her breast
I could barely control the descent
She wanted me for herself
Wanted me to stay
It would be the place where once I had been born naked
And now I would die covered with the sorrow of longing for this untouchable love

It was not my time to go
I would not go
No matter how breathtaking and beautiful she was
I decide my moments
Not her
Not my mind
Not these memories
Not him

So with tears in my eyes and a tremor in my being
I fought her
Screamed for my freedom
I held on strongly
And I won

She still waits for me

There is more to do
More to see
More to learn

I will come to her when I am ready
I will choose my destiny

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